About us

Next Payments is Australia’s fastest growing payments company, led by a team of highly experienced executives. This experience allows economies of learning to be a fundamental pillar of Next’s business growth and success, and enhances Next Payments core competency within the payments sector.

Next Payments product portfolio includes

  • ATMs
  • Eftpos cash out
  • Loyalty cards
  • Cash Recyclers
  • Cash Redemption Terminals
  • Sendrato; revolutionary wrist band technology which facilitates payments and ticketing whilst harnessing big data and crowd engagement and monitoring.

The company is headquartered in Australia and remains 97 per cent Australian owned, with 3 per cent in New Zealand, where Next also conduct business and have an office.

Macquarie Group is a significant investor in Next Payments, and provide security and corporate governance.

Having a deep understanding of your customer base is paramount to success, and Next Payments strives to be a connected partner with their clients, not merely a supplier. Moreover, the company conducts market research in order to deliver products with features customers really need. This is another tier of customer service, which is a Next Payments hallmark.

Next Payments thrives on innovation and are at the forefront of the payments market. The company continues to investigate further technologies that will revolutionise the payments landscape.

Next Payments have fortified a strong relationship with Nautilus Hyosung, a Korean and Chinese based organisation with an annual turnover in excess of $A13 billion. This relationship allows Next Payments to be a market leader in both hardware and software innovation.

Next Payments believes in long term relationship building. They pride themselves on creating integrative outcomes for all parties, as opposed to engaging in mere transactional relationships. This philosophy encompasses not only clients, but suppliers, employees and contractors. This philosophy has further contributed to Next Payment’s organic growth.

Welcome to Next Payments.

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