A Secure Eftpos Cash Out Solution For Your Gaming Venue

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EFTPOS cash out systems

  • Customers receive cash out in the same location
  • Remote activation minimises staff involvement, allowing staff more time for customer service
  • Provides access to cash in gaming venues
  • Removing the need to carry large cash floats in unsecured tills
  • Customer surcharge earns your venue transaction income
  • Increase security for your staff by adhering to OH&S requirements
  • Eliminate human error and shrinkage
  • Features large 14″ easy to use touch screen with hot keys for ease of use and a premium eftpos terminal

How it works

Five Easy Steps:

  1. Customer asks staff to activate terminal
  2. Staff activate terminal with simple remote button
  3. Customer selects accounts and cash out value on 14″ touch screen
  4. Customer swipes card and enters PIN through Eftpos terminal
  5. Cash dispensed directly to customer
  • Remote activation option avaliable
  • 4000 note capacity
  • Security - Cash secured within a safe with time delay locks
  • Fast and Convenient - Self service, easy to use & fast transactions
  • 24/7 Support Centre
  • Custom built in bar or free standing unit
  • Market leading software

Product Features

A standalone or custom ‘built in bar’ terminal that only requires remote activation from staff means that customers will always have convenient access to cash, and staff time is spent on customer service.


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