An All Inclusive Loyalty Card

The GSL Loyalty Card is an enhanced, prepaid eftpos, loyalty, and promotions management program. It incorporates retail partnerships to maximise value for you and your members.

Member Benefits

Members can earn up to 30 per cent more points with partner retailers, which Next Payments establish, to offer member discounts, promotions and the opportunity to earn points outside of your venue.

Furthermore, the card combines membership, loyalty points, and prepaid eftpos in one card, and provides freedom in how members redeem points.

Venue Benefits

GSL seamlessly integrates with your existing loyalty provider. This allows you to market directly to your members, as well as manage their membership profile via data displayed on a clear dashboard. As usage increases, so will the revenue of your venue.

Choose the best package for your members

GSL Essentials

Combine Cards

Issue members a separate stand alone prepaid card, or combine features into an all in one membership, loyalty and EFTPOS card.

Promotions Management

A flexible in-venue promotions management engine allows for real time load of loyalty points and value to the EFTPOS prepaid card.

Points to Cash Conversion

Provides members with the ability to convert loyalty points to their EFTPOS card, giving them the freedom to decide how to reward themselves.

Loadable Card

Members have flexibility to load the EFTPOS prepaid card with value via BPAY and bank transfer capabilities.

EFTPOS Acceptance

Members can use their EFTPOS card at over 350000 EFTPOS merchant locations across Australia.

Campaign Builder

Create and deliver your own targeted one-to-one or group marketing campaigns for members in order to drive visitation with complete flexibility. See the performance of your campaigns, how impactful the campaign was to your business, and plan future marketing campaigns.

Powerful ROI Data

Run data analytics on points conversion and promotional spending to increase the effectiveness of the loyalty program based on behavioural data.

Web-based Support

Provides a web-based administration application for in-venue customer support.

GSL Plus +

Enjoy all the GSL Essentials features and more

Retail Partner Engagement

Next Payments will acquire and manage retail partnerships both locally and nationally

‍ Increase reach of member loyalty interactions outside of your venue through targeted demographics of the venue

Loyalty points are funded by retail partners and drives 30% more points to active members

Marketing Integration

Next Payments works with your venue to drive success in the program via member engagement and education

Marketing plans a reco-developed and targeted based on card portfolio optimisation principles and the promotional lifecycle of a member

Next Payments will co-invest in your promotional activity and cardholder offers

Keep and Grow Your Membership Base

Improve acquisition and retention with flexible promotions.

Maximise Experience and Engagement

Increase revenue via enhanced member experience and engagement.

Seamless Marketing

Reduce marketing administration through promotional activities and user-friendly applications.

Maximise Your Promotional ROI

Optimise promotional planning to maximise effectiveness and ROI with clear and transparent user data.


Drive loyalty revenue and add value for members with both local and national retail partnerships.

Life Cycle Marketing Support

Promote the loyalty program and improve communication with members through card life cycle marketing investment and support.