OneCard is your membership, loyalty and EFTPOS card in one.

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Using OneCard for your Patrons

Leveraging your existing loyalty provider, our unique payments platform can integrate with any partner. This means no costly or painful loyalty migrations. With loyalty and EFTPOS in one card, your members can seamlessly:

  • Transfer points to EFTPOS value on their own loyalty card
  • Purchase at any EFTPOS terminal with their membership card to generate more loyalty points

Using OneCard for Your Affiliated Retailers

In addition to this, your local retailers can now join your loyalty program. We credit points to your member when they purchase with affiliated retail partners.

As the affiliated retailer program is ready to go using existing EFTPOS, there is no integration, expensive point of sale terminals or training required for your retail partners. All we require is their EFTPOS terminal IDs.

As this is of significant value to your retail partners, we have built a fully automated billing system that bills retailers for points issued on their behalf, therefore generating revenue.

  • Drive revenue by including external merchants in your loyalty program using their existing EFTPOS terminal
  • Allows patrons to choose their own rewards at any EFTPOS accepting merchant
  • Personalise loyalty cards for your club or venue
  • Ability for members to transfer points to EFTPOS purchase value on loyalty cards, therefore increasing patron retention and acquisition
  • Ability to integrate with any gaming provider and work in tandem with cashless gaming solutions
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