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The Next Payments Teller CashIO has been designed with casinos, clubs and pubs in mind — the safe holds 2,500 notes per denomination and uses one high capacity coin hopper that dispenses 12 coins per second, eliminating the need for multiple hoppers and maximising counter space.

The Cashier Assisted Terminal also allows the cashier to accept high volume bundled notes and issue tickets directly to customers, eliminating any queues and improving customer satisfaction and up time.


  • Pay Out All Denominations From Under The Counter
  • Stack And Clear Up To 50 Notes In One Transaction
  • Issue A High Value Ticket From The Cashier
  • Reads Tickets And Cards
  • Utilises High Capacity Multi Denominational Coin Dispenser
  • Acts As A Skim Safe For High Denominations
  • Stacks And Stores Up To 2,500 Notes And Tickets

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